Gerry and Eurof run the Berlin Marathon.

Berlin Marathon startBerlin Marathon start

Having successfully completed the London and Dublin Marathon on a number of occasions, Creigiau’s very own Gerry O’Beirne and Eurof Davies decided it was time to venture further afield. So where would they go? Would it be the Commonwealth Games or would the lure of the large prize money of a big city marathon prove too much?

Well, don’t forget they still need to pay their mortgage and so, off to Berlin they headed. Renowned for being a 'flat' course, the Berlin Marathon which was first initiated in 1974, traditionally takes place on the last weekend in September.

Training had gone reasonably well over the summer, despite Eurof running into a car door and Gerry spending most of his time flying around the world. As their training built up to 50-60 miles a week, a few of you might have even seen our boys early on Saturday mornings as they headed for the hills.

Last minute carbo-loadingLast minute carbo-loading
Last minute carbo-loading.

With training complete and 'carbo-loading' underway, they left Bristol airport looking in good shape.

Was Haile Gebrselassie’s world record time of 2 hours 3 minutes and 59 seconds set on the same course in 2008 safe, we wonder !!! Could one of them emulate Welshman Steve Brace’s run in 1991 and win this historic event.

Don’t be fooled by their casual running styles, both these guys are proven winners. Eurof has won the Creigiau fun run on 2 occasions whilst Gerry has in the top 3 on a number of occasions. Oh yes, no shortage of class here!!

As always the morning of the race was a tense affair, early breakfast and a jog to the starting area. The hotel, as well as only being about a mile or so from the start, was also on the route itself. So, if things weren’t going too well after 22 miles, they might be tempted to drop out. But don’t worry, our two boys are tougher than that.

Not long nowNot long now
Not long now !!

As our 2, plus another 39,998 waited for the start on Straße des 17 Juni in what was described as the worst conditions for more than 20 years with steady and heavy rain as well as a slight wind and a temperature of 12° Celsius they were not going to be deterred. After all, having trained throughout the Great British summer they were well used to it.

Despite the increasing rain, our two were quickly into their stride or was that stroke!!, although by the time they were passing the Reichstag ( Bundestag ) building at the 10k mark they realised that perhaps they weren’t going to win this one!!

Eurof got to halfway in 1 hour and 38 minutes, with Gerry just a minute behind. Determined to obtain a PB, Eurof gradually pulled away.

Although the marathon route passed many historical sights, including the former Berlin Wall our boys were more concerned with not ‘hitting the wall’ at this stage.

As they turned on to Unter den Linden at just over 25 miles, the Brandenberg Gate, or more specifically what they thought was the finish, was in slight. However, the run had one more sting in the tail, running under the Gate, they quickly learnt that the finishing line was in fact another few hundred metres further on!!

With the winner, Patrick Makau safely back in his hotel room, Eurof crossed the line in 3 hours 18 minutes and 27 seconds. Gerry meanwhile was hanging on in there and finished a few minutes later in 3 hours 30 minutes and 22 seconds.

Glad that's over!.

After a quick de-brief it was off for the usual and customary celebrations !!

Whilst Eurof might take a few weeks off, no such luck for Gerry. He will be at it again in the Dublin Marathon in a few weeks.

Well done boys and good luck in Dublin Gerry.

If you want to see our boys pounding the streets of Creigiau again, check out those Elves when Santa visits on Christmas Eve. !!!

Posted on September 28th 2010