Boxing Day Walk.

Walkers outside Creigiau Inn


ith the recent snow and sub-zero temperatures many villagers were frantically phoning around on Boxing Day morning to see if the walk was still on.

They should have know better, since the first walk over 35 years ago, conditions underfoot had never been so bad, but it takes more than deep snow and icy conditions to get in the way of this traditional event.

10:30 came and all met outside the Creigiau Inn sporting their new jumpers, gloves, salopettes , and that was just the committee !!!

On leaving the Creigiau Inn, the advance party headed North through the fields towards Pentyrch, passing the Big Dipper Sledging complex. Some of us parents are well familiar with the Big Dipper in recent weeks.

If you have a suitable caption, let us know.!!!

By now the deep snow was starting to take its toll on a few and it wasn’t too long before the masses started to spread and where possible navigating on the sheep tracks made the walk much easier.

There was some delay in crossing the odd style and gate but this allowed some of the less fit and over indulged to get their breath back and ensure they were in peak condition for the Creigiau Inn later.

The Pit Stop.

Before reaching Pentyrch, we took a right turn crossing the Heol Pant y Gored and headed towards Craig y Parc School , or so the masses thought. But wait, with the route always a closely guarded secret, past the school we went. You can imagine their consternation !!

On we went and headed down through the woods towards Canada Lakes, and with the aroma of mulled wine and mince pies wafting through the trees, the Pit Stop was not far now.

What a lovely spot it was too, just the place to get your breath back and mingle with the other walkers.

Carnival at the RecCarnival at the Rec

After a short stop and with still a mile to go, off set the advance party again on their final push towards Creigiau.

Although the walk was not particularly hilly, many at this stage many were starting to flag a bit and were glad to see the 'The Inn', whilst some were positively sprinting in an attempt to get to the bar first.

Once back at Creigiau, it gave everybody further opportunity to chat with friends and neighbours. All good things have to come to an end though, and home we went for tea with the In-Laws !!

Although the number of walkers was slightly down from last year, we still had over 252 that braved the elements to cover the 3 mile route.

Have a look at some more photos from the walk and thanks to Tom Burns for supplying some of these.

I am sure you would like to join me in thanking Rhian, Julie and Berndine for being our hostesses during the Pit-Stop, all the stewards for helping, manning the Stop/Go signs and in some cases being dog wardens !!

A special mention needs to go to Nick Lyons, HCE Adventures for allowing us to set up the Pit-Stop on their premises.


And finally,

Season's Greetings to you all from everybody at Creigiau 23.