Goodies and Baddies - Which one were you ?.

Creigiau Carnival 2009Creigiau Carnival 2009
Another superb Carnival

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, might be dead, but let me tell you the Creigiau Carnival is alive and kicking.

Whilst the UK economy might be shrinking fast, it was nice to see the Creigiau Carnival living up to its billing by providing a fun day out for all.

Earlier in the morning members of Creigiau 23 and the Carnival committee pitched up at the Recreation Field for the usual setting up ceremony. By lunchtime, the annual extravaganza was ready to start.

Goodie or Baddie, which is which?Goodie or Baddie, which is which?
Goodie or Baddie, which is which?

As the 'Baddies' assembled at Parc-Y-Fro, trouble looked inevitable. So, PC Jones was summoned.

Luckily for all concerned he was not needed, as, Creigiau's own 'Goodies' turned up to restore order.

We knows where yous lives, we does

Yet again, judging the floats was a difficult task, with entries from the Brownies amd Guides, Bright Beginnings, Ysgol Meithrin and the Terrace.

Despite a few 'Baddies' attempting to influence the outcome with cries of 'We knows were yous lives, Judge, we does!' , the Carnival judges stuck to their guns. With the judges' getaway car, or to be precise Fire engine !!, at the ready, the winners were announced .....The Terrace

Samba GalÍz bandSamba GalÍz band
Samba GalÍz band

With an uneasy peace between the waring factions, the procession lead by the Samba GalÍz band, headed towards the 'Battlegound' commonly called 'The Rec'.

On reaching the Rec and with Mr Evans , The Headmaster of Creigiau Primary School, declaring the Carnival officially underway, all rivalry was put to one side. Well at least until they got to the bar!!!!

The ever popular Slide-a-Hockey

As well as the usual stalls and activities, including the ever popular Slide-a-Hockey, Beat The Goalie, Archery, coconut shy, Fun Dog Show, Bouncy Castle and Egg Throwing, this year saw the addition of the Scouts' Ballista challenge.

By late afternoon, the carnival seemed to be having its 'second wind', with still more visitors coming through the gates. This coincided with the full time whistle at the Springboks versus Lions game. Strange that !!

Big Baps for you sir ??

Brisk trade was also being made at the Bar and BBQ with the newly developed Vegitarian options and bigger baps proving a huge success. The committee spent many hours discussing the merits of 'big baps'!!.

Speaking of which, our very own members' wives, ran the cake stall and once again had a very profitable day.

As the sun continued to shine, the 'Baddies' could be seen plotting their path towards world domination whilst the 'Goodies' congregated in the Beer tent to replenish their fluid levels before the final battle....The Egg Throwing Competition.

See how many more 'Goodies and Baddies' you spotted thoughout the day.

Although the Carnival was by now drawing to an end, the evening wasn't. With everything packed away, and the masses heading home, the adrenalin junkies carried on. With bands such as Take That and Oasis playing in the Millenium Stadium recently, where could we go to top that. Well, what about, yes, youv'e guessed it ...... Shadwell and The Shads at the Church Hall!

Don't ask me what they were singing , but the 60's classic by The Four Seasons "Oh, What a Night" described it well, or for the people that went home, was it "My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink, And I Don't Love Jesus" ....

And finally,

We would like to thank everybody who helped in making it another successful carnival and hope you all enjoyed the day.

If you are looking for another great day out, then be a 'Goodie' by joining us and the Cricket Club in the Annual Village Cricket Tournament on August 30th otherwise......

See you next year!!!

Posted on June 28th 2009