The 2010 Creigiau World Cup.

Creigiau Carnival 2010Creigiau Carnival 2010
The World Cup comes to Creigiau

Although Wales did not qualify for the World Cup in South Africa, there was nothing stopping the World Cup coming to Creigiau. So, on this beautiful day the Creigiau Carnival was here again.

Setting upSetting Up
Early start.

Whlist most of you were shaking off the effects of last night's Chile versus Spain game, members of Creigiau 23 and the Carnival committee had pitched up at Creigiau’s own Soccer City Stadium, the Recreation Field, for the usual setting up ceremony. A few hours later and in true World Cup fashion, with only minutes spare and the paint barely dry, the games were ready to start.

The teams gathered on Parc-y-Fro for the pre-match build-up and to make those final tactical substitutions. After a long and gruelling season all teams were still quietly confident of lifting the cup. No one more so than Cup holders, The Terrace, despite a late injury scare to their defender Geraint 'bites your legs' Roberts.

The current econimic climate has even affected the Terrace. They were forced to ditch the team bus, instead they were on foot this year.

It was sad to see that the Scouts/Cubs had no team in this year’s event. Like Wales they had failed to qualify! Perhaps next time ?

As ever, the Guides or to put it more precisely the WAGS were putting on a good show, but was it going to be enough to lift the Cup ?

The aptly named Rainbows were also were looking good, as were the 1st and 2nd Creigiau Brownies. No expense was being spared by some teams, with the Cylch Meithrin and Bright Beginnings preparing to go on a South African safari. This was going to a tough decision.

As the atmosphere built and the crowds cheered, what was that we could hear in the background ?, oh no , not a Vuvuzela !! Whilst I agree with the adage 'when in Rome', but hang on this was Creigiau !!

With former Carnival Committee chairman Gareth Williams refereeing, ably assisted by his wife Claire, the decision was slow in coming and it seemed extra time and penalty shoot-out was inevitable. But then, just before the final whistle a decision was made and again The Terrace were crowned worthy winners of the 'Walking float' competition with the Cylch Meithrin winning the 'Trailer float'.

The Fancy Dress competition was won by Rhian Horsey with her very clever goal-post costume.

Samba Galęz bandSamba Galęz band
Samba Galęz band

In true World Cup fashion a lap of Honour followed, with the Samba Galęz band leading the procession, off they all headed to the Rec for the post match celebrations.

Once there, the Carnival was officially opened by the Headmaster of Creigiau Primary school, Mr Peter Evans.

By now with the Vuvuzelas deafening and temperature soaring, many visited the Bar to take on fluids in an attempt to cool down.....!!!"

Next door the BBQ was just as busy with the Veggie options proving a big hit!

As ever, the Cake Stall run by our very own members' wives, had a very profitable day.

Carnival at the RecCarnival at the Rec

Indeed it was obvious that all stalls and activities were very busy. In additional to the ever present Archery, coconut shy, Fun Dog Show, Cricket, Bouncy Castle and 5-a-side football there were also some new stalls to the carnival. These included the excellent Owl Show and 'Zoo to you' with reptiles and insects from Bristol Zoo.

A late withdrawl was the 'Beat the Golie' stall. Our resident keeper had been summonsed to South Africa by Fabio Capello. We were offered Robert Green as replacement but declined. After all, we did want to try and raise some money !!

A special mention has to go to Dave 'Motty' Meakin who provided the commentary throughout the afternoon.

The Egg Throwing CompetitionThe Egg Throwing Competition
The Egg Throwing Competition

As the afternoon drew to a close the old Creigiau Carnival favourite, the Egg Throwing competition got underway.

This year saw a few players from the village cricket team taking part. Surely these catching experts must have a unfair advantage.... ooops, spoke to too soon, perhaps not.

Feel free to view our photo gallery.

With everything now being packed away and the crowds making their way home, there was still work to do for our busy Creigiau 23 members. So off we headed to the Creigiau Inn for the carnival de-brief !!

But wait,

They think it is all over.....

If you are looking for another great day out, then join us and the Cricket Club in the Annual Village Cricket Tournament on August 29th. is now!!!

Posted on June 28th 2010