Cardiff to Tenby bike ride - Carten.

Carten before the start !!!


ongratulations to 4 of our members who recently completed the Carten Bike ride or for non cyclist , Cardiff to Tenby. For the last few weeks our 4, Chris 'Wheels' Wilson, Leighton 'Aero' Bush , Eurof 'Routemaster' Davies and Gerry 'Supper G' O'Beirne, have been have been putting the miles in.

Whilst the day started well, the rain soon started, but by the time they had reached Swansea, the sun was breaking through and luckily stayed with them for the duration.

As they went over the Loughor and headed towards the Millenium Coastal path they were really thankful that they had a slight tailwind, although it wasn't enough to push them up some of the tougher climbs.

Carten at the end !!!

But get to the end they did and completed the 107 miles in 6 hours and 55 minutes.

Well done boys. So what next ?? Ah yes of course, the Velathon !! Another 87 miles around South Wales !!!

Posted on May 8th 2016