'Twas the Night before Christmas.

Santa at the Church HallSanta at the Church Hall
Santa at the Church Hall


ith X Factor winner, Joe McElderry , not even being No 1 at Christmas, it is obvious that there are not many things in life that are a certainty any more. However, regardless of the recent bad weather, Santa coming to the Creigiau Church Hall on Christmas Eve is still one of them.

Santa and his ElvesSanta and his Elves
Santa and his Elves

Having said this, with treacherous conditions underfoot and the sad demise of the 'BruceWagon' it was touch and go for a while. But we needn’t have worried, Bruce 'Rudolf' Howells and Head Elf, Dave 'The Choice' came up trumps yet again. Even the sleigh had a new coat !

Shortly after 4 o’clock on Christmas Eve, Santa’s sleigh, escorted by his trusty elves, started on it’s journey. With the Head Elf supervising his assistants, around the village they went, handing out goodies to all they came across.

The ElvesThe Elves
Can you guess which Elf is real? Hint...He is the one that hasn't got a join in his ears.!!

It must be said, the Elves did look in fine form this year. Rumour has it that one or two of them had even run the London and Dublin marathons in preparation. Dare I suggest that Head Elf should think about doing the same for next year !!!

Despite the icy conditions, yet again Rudolf expertly negotiated the sleigh around the tight and twisty streets of Creigiau without hitting anybody or anything. There is no doubt he could teach Tiger Woods a thing or two.!!

The BandThe Band
The Band

Suprisingly on time, Santa landed at the Church Hall where the masses had gathered. With the CAVMS Christmas Eve Ensemble playing those traditional and not so traditional Christmas carols and songs in the background, Santa continued to hand out goodies to the youngsters that were waiting patiently.

Although the Head Elf had long gone ( up to the Creigiau Inn I suspect ) the remaining Elves made sure none of the unscrupulous youngsters did not queue up for seconds. The credit crunch affects us all !!!

With everybody slowly making their way home, the Elves eventually caught up with the Head Elf at ‘The Inn’ for the usual de-brief !!

Once again, thanks to everyone who helped, Elves, helpers, Rudolf and of course, Santa, in making this such a Jewel in the Creigiau crown.

Due to icy conditions this year, and on the grounds of 'Elf and Safety' Santa could not venture down every street. We are sorry if you were affected.