Santa Claus visits Creigiau.

Santa and his ElvesSanta and his Elves
Santa and his Elves


t's that time of year again when although the Big Man might be busy, he still has time to visit Creigiau.  With 'Jones The Voice' back on PA duties and Bruce the Driver, all was set. So just after 4 o’clock on Christmas Eve, Santa escorted by his trusty elves was on his way.

As they made their way around the village handing out chocolate bars, they were met with the usual cheering kids and parents.  However, it has to be said there were a few less on the streets this year, perhaps they were afraid of Santa Claus, perhaps they were Claustrophobic.!!!!

Again, thanks to Bruce for driving the sled so expertly around the narrow streets, although we had to stop a few times due to Santa Pause!!

Anyway, just after 6 Santa arrived at the  Church Hall  to the accompaniment of the CAVMS Christmas Eve Ensemble.

As he handed out more goodies, one little girl even questioned Santa and said that he wasn’t the real one. Can you believe it , she must have been a rebel without a caus !!

They don’t get any better. Oh that reminds me,

An honest politician, a kind lawyer and Santa Claus were talking when they all noticed a £5 note  on the floor. Who picked it up?

Santa of course, the other two don't exist!

Santa and his ElvesSanta and his Elves
Santa and his Elves

By now, it was time for Santa and his Elves to head off, after all, they were going to have a busy night.

A big THANK YOU to Santa Claus, and his Elves for again making this event possible and of course to everybody that helped. On behalf of Creigiau 23 we would to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.