Current committee.

Just in case some people seem to think that we are some sort of secret society, here are the names of the current committee members. We stop short at showing their faces as they are not the preetiest bunch these days!!

We are currently led by Leighton Bush, who is our 48th chairman and took the reins on 28/02/2017. The full committee is shown below.

Leighton BushChairman
Rob EvansVice-Chairman
Steve LinkTreasurer
Ian HendersonSecretary
Deri EvansCommittee Member
Eurof DaviesCommittee Member
Andrew MilesCommittee Member
Adrian BurnsCommittee Member
Rob EvansCommittee Member
Iwan RowlandsCommittee Member
Simon BoundyCommittee Member
Marc EvansCommittee Member
Des JonesCommittee Member