Who are the members of Creigiau 23?

It is well documented in these pages that we are neither elitist nor some kind of secret society. Quite the contrary in fact.

Our members come from all walks of life and typically vary in age from about 35 to 70 plus!

Our group includes butchers, alarm engineers, builders, doctors, consultants, bank managers, administrators, teachers, professors, politicians and some retired folk.

How do you Join?

Membership is limited to 55 members because it is the maximum that can attend the monthly dinner meeting in the Creigiau Golf Club.

During the course of any given year we usually have a couple of vacancies arising.

If you would like to join Creigiau 23 then all you have to do is go to the 'Contact Us' page on this website and send in a very simple application.

Should you be new to the village and prefer to attend one of our dinner meetings as a guest then mention this on the feedback form and we will assist.

Are their any special rules?

Not really. You will be expected to conduct yourself in a manner that will bring respect to Creigiau 23.

On Dinner nights you will be required to wear a jacket and tie in the golf club.

Unless you are a full member of the golf club you will be required to become a social member of the golf club.

What does it cost??

Existing members of the golf club: 185 per annum

This is broken down as follows.

  • The ten dinner meetings (three course meal and speaker) are 10 x 15.5 = 155.
  • Creigiau 23 Membership = 20
  • Entry into monthly draw = 10 ( Although you may opt out of this if you so wish)

Non member of the golf club: 240 per annum

This is broken down as follows.

  • 185 as an existing member of the Golf club, see above. Payable to Creigiau 23.
  • Golf Club social membership, payable to the Golf Club, which is further broken down as follows.
    • Golf Club social membership = 45.
    • Golf Club bar/chargecard = 25. This is a credit system where you receive a bar/chargecard to use against monies deposited.

Feel free to 'Contact Us' for more details.