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Boxing Day Walk 2008.

Boxing Day WalkBoxing Day Walk
Just what the Doctor ordered.

At 10.30am on Boxing Day the fine people of Creigiau and surrounding district converged on the meeting place at the corner of the Creigiau Inn.

Approximately 250 walkers set off on this annual event which has in recent years grown beyond recognition and is firmly established as a premier community occasion and a cornerstone of the Christmas village season.

We stopped for a comfort break and refreshments at the delightful Craig Y Parc School (Scope headquarters) who kindly allowed us once again to use their facilities. Refreshments were a welcome diversion from yomping (it was easy really and the weather was great) and we all had a chance to mingle with other walkers. The mulled wine is always well received and the mince pies, pop, crisps etc were an excellent accompaniment.

After this short stop, everyone seems to find their way back to the Creigiau Inn where they continue to socialise with friends and neighbours.

Thanks to all the stewards, and also Jackie, Kath and Sarah for the refreshments and to everyone else who assisted.

Posted on January 3rd 2009
Santa at the Church Hall

Santa at the Church HallSanta at the Church Hall
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Twas the night before Christmas and ........most people were in the pub!, but not the bold philanthropic members of Creigiau 23. Well not till later anyway.

Santa came to the village as scheduled by the committee and toured this year on his very own 21st century sleigh. This was the BruceWagon.

After touring the whole village handing out sweets, Santa arrived at the Church Hall, to the delight of all concerned. The children and parents loved it. Just seeing the look on their faces is enough to convince even Scrooge that Christmas is truly a magical time.

Thanks to everyone who helped, including the elves' wives for allowing them to look so ridiculous in pursuit of such a good cause and to everyone who assisted at the Church Hall. You know who you are and without your time and effort it would not be possible.


Posted on January 3rd 2009
Vegas Night - Summer Ball

Roulette WheelRoulette Wheel
Place your bets please !!!

Oh what a night !

The evening started well with a three course meal and it wasn't long before we were dancing to the fantastic TOM JONES International Sex Bomb. He was real hit with the Ladies and even some blokes !!!

International Sex BombInternational Sex Bomb
One International Sex Bomb meets another.

For those who prefered not to dance, there was a roulette wheel in the bar area. Each guest was given a Bank of Creigiau23 $100 note to play with. The person with the most money at the end of the night won a bottle of bubbly and a trophy !!! Congratulations to Ian Hughes.

After TOM JONES International Sex Bomb had finished, we didn't. The night continued with DJ Roger provding more opportunity to strut your stuff.

If you couldn't make the night, you missed a memorable evening.


Posted on September 30th 2008