Pétanque Challenge .

The Challenge

If you had ventured over to the Rec on Sunday you would have seen many committee members loitering with drink in hand. No they weren’t a week early for the Carnival.

After a recent donation to the Petanque Club, the Creigiau 23 committee were challenged to a game of Boules. To some of the them it was the ideal opportunity to get on the piste.!!

A drink to keep my balance

The challenge was played in a melle format where a Creigiau 23 member was paired up with a Petanque Club member.

As the games got underway it was obvious that some of our players didn’t know their ‘fanny’s from their ‘coch’es, but as the afternoon went on they were soon ‘pointing’ and ‘shooting’ like the pros.

A spot of rain!

Despite a few drops of rain early on, the weather eventually picked up and after a friendly, relaxing and enjoyable 3 games, Geraint Jones was declared the eventual winner with James Husband a close second and Keith Lord third. The leading Creigiau 23 player was Adrian Burns who finished fourth.

The final prize was the wooden spoon, which went to .... we can't say for legal reasons, however, the only thing we can say is that all the prizes stayed in the family !!!

Have a look at some more photos from the challenge.

As well as thanking Drumond Chorlton and Keith Lord for organising the day and Sian Lord for keeping the score we would like to thank everyone for turning up to support the event.

You never know this might become an annual event.

Posted on June 25th 2012