Bastille Day Summer Ball.

Summer Ball 2012Summer Ball 2012
Another superb Summer Ball

Irrespective of the weather - the wettest on record - the Creigiau 23 Summer Ball has proved to be another success as in previous years.

The evening theme being Bastille day - the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille fortress prison - which was seen as a symbol of the uprising of the modern nation - but you could be excused for thinking that a further uprising was taking place at the Creigiau Golf Club on Saturday 14th July 2012.

The Creigaiu 23 Members, fearful that they and their guests would starve that evening, and seeking to gain high quality nourishment and drink, stormed the eastern main entrance of the Creigiau Golf Club. The Golf Club however recognising the importance of the Creigiau 23 event capitulated and opened their main entrance doors to avoid a mutual massacre similar to that of the fortress-prison in Paris in 1789.

At 7.30pm of this momentous night however, the Golf Club bar bell rang to announce that the feast was to be served and all guests gracefully addressed the array of dining tables laid out to a carefully configured table layout and seating plan.

With all patrons by their allocated dining tables, Mr Dave Dawkins offered grace which followed quickly by the catering staff serving a feast to surpass any celebration to commemorate the beginning of the French Revolution.

The banquet, comprising of a starter of melon with wild berries or a duck pate with apricot chutney, followed by Chicken Veronique, Pan fried Sea Bass or Glamorgan Sausage, was devoured by all with little resistance ! No meal complete without a French Tart or a Puff ( of the Lemon and Nectarine variety !) and a varied cheese board with tea or coffee to complete the menu.

Summer Ball 2012Summer Ball 2012
Another superb Summer Ball

Prior (and during) the feast however, a dark suspicious character was roaming the dining area, with his paper, easel, pens/charcoal in hand. Chrissy, A.K.A Christian Marshall, who was quickly interrogated by a Creigiau 23 Committee Member was promptly found guilty of being a full time professional caricature artist. Chrissy, produced quick fire caricatures of numerous guests to the delight of all and provided an entertaining twist to the evening.

Some of the caricatures and their counterparts below , along with photos from the evening

Following the feast, (and despite some isolated heckling from table 8 in particular), the Creigiau 23 Vice Chairman - Eurof Davies - announced that some other suspicious characters of the Creigiau 23 membership will be parading the dining area with raffle tickets in hand in order to raise further funds for the betterment of the Creigiau community.

The Creigaiu 23 Chairmen - Gerry O'Beirne - thereafter thanked everyone for supporting not only the evening but also the Creigiau Carnival following the incident which occurred on the Rec and was pleased to report that the four injured members of the Creigiau 23 were recovering well following the "tirty tree" thousand volt experience !!

The Chairman together with his faithful Vice thereafter commenced the raffle draw and the lucky smiling winners walking away with their raffle prizes which included a well known eBook reader, hamper, Salad plate and a well know clothes store vouchers.

The meal finishes and the raffle complete, the evening entertainment continued with a disco whereby the dance floor was fully occupied until the midnight hour.

A spectacular evening of entertainment was received and all of the evening guests looking forward to the future events.

Posted on August 9th 2012