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Supporting the Community

What We Do.

Creigiau 23 is a voluntary group of individuals whose purpose is to raise funds for the betterment of the village and its surroundings.

Membership is limited to 55 places. Contrary to popular belief this is not because we are a secret society. In fact the converse applies. Neither is it because of some form of elitism, it is simply because the Golf Club cannot accommodate more than 55 members at a Dinner Meeting.

During the year we are actively involved in promoting and organising events within the village such as the Summer Carnival, Santa Claus at the Church Hall (including a village tour!, weather permitting), Boxing Day Village Walk (now exceeds 200 persons), Wine Tasting evening, Ladies Night, Summer Ball etc.

All funds raised as a result of our activities are put back into the village and it's surroundings via a number of benefactors. These include but are not limited to The Scouts, The Church Hall, The Play Goup, Creigiau Junior School as well as additional deserving individuals and organisations.

If you would like to request a donation for your group or project then please contact us.

The Social Calendar

Our annual social calendar runs between March and February with a new Chairman being appointed for each session.

The calendar consists of ten monthly Dinner Meetings (July/August are barren) at the Creigiau Golf Club which is situated at the heart of the village.

These evenings consist of a Dinner evening where members can bring a guest subject to available space. If you are new to the village and would like to come as a guest but simply don't know any members then email us and we will arrange it for you.

Guest speakers at our meetings normally speak for between twenty and forty minutes on a subject of their choosing or our suggestion.

Speakers vary from sportsman, professors, politicians, charity workers, TV personalities to enthusiasts who simply have a love of a subject they choose to share with us. For a full list or our speakers over the years, go to the 'Guest Speakers' page.


  • Our next meeting will be on Tuesday January 9th .